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A FREE online event with the amazing women of VOW Global (Voices of Women).

  • Over a dozen powerful presentations by women to help you grow
  • Free gifts for self-care, business development, voice strengthening techniques and more

In This Summit You Will Learn How to Master Yourself, Your Life and Your Message:

Master Yourself

  • Self-care practices for a healthy mind, body & soul
  • How to fully integrate your body, mind, and soul to be ageless
  • Unleashing the fire within you – A challenge to let your dream unfold

Master Your Life

  • The 3 Stages of Money
  • Creating change through spiritual journey’s
  • Transformative energy that inspires and ignites your life as a leader and visionary
  • How to recognize and release the biggest saboteur that holds you back in life

Master Your Message 

  • How to develop a message you’re passionate about. (Passion is Persuasion)
  • What’s a Loyal Tribe and why do you want one?
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes most authors make

Johanna Derbolowsky –
Transforming the role of women
Bringing through the feminine divine

* Men are different and women are too.
* From power and greed to compassion and community
* Embracing the feminine Divine