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24 10, 2018

Use Your Challenges To Improve Your Life


Learn easy to use tools to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Release stuck energies and burdens.

Get to know yourself better and raise your self-awareness.

Understand the levels, challenges, and symptoms of personal evolution and ascension.

After this workshop you will find that your energy increased, you will feel lighter, less burdened and equipped with new tools to handle life’s challenges.

The outcome of any event is influenced and often determined by our response to it. You will become aware of patterns that influence your reaction to situations. Learn how to rise above situations to get a better view, step out of reaction and into response.


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24 03, 2018

Female Wave of Change Global Celebration


We do want to reach out to every woman who feels connected to Female Wave of Change, where ever you are in the world. There will be live streaming from the local events to get the global feeling. There will be speakers at the events whose presentations will be live streamed. But there will also be speakers from other parts of the world who will share their story, their knowledge and experience.

Johanna Derbolowski
“Compassion – Cooperation – Community, 

Feminine energy has the power to create, nurture and unite” 

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