Sep 2018

Healing, Vibration & Sound Retreat


Treat yourself to a gift of healing and transformation. Learn tools to transform issues and situations in your life. Ground and raise your self-awareness through rhythm. Release stuck energies and burdens. Understand the levels, symptoms and challenges of existence. During this unique retreat you get to experience two different approaches to healing. With Johanna you

Healing, Vibration & Sound Retreat2018-09-02T17:26:13-07:00
Apr 2018

Female Wave of Change Global Celebration


We do want to reach out to every woman who feels connected to Female Wave of Change, where ever you are in the world. There will be live streaming from the local events to get the global feeling. There will be speakers at the events whose presentations will be live streamed. But there will also be

Female Wave of Change Global Celebration2018-04-04T05:07:33-07:00
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