Johanna Derbolowsky

Johanna Derbolowsky, speaker and best-selling author has helped professionals worldwide to be more effective using their own innate psychic abilities, from identifying hidden agendas to underlying issues not visible at first. She also helps individuals to overcome their own limiting patterns and move forward with confidence.

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How To Be Your Own Best Psychic

Instantly read the room and know the players

In today’s fast paced world, it is essential that we can be immediately tuned in to any situation. In an age of Botox the old “read the face” approach is no longer an option. Learn how to see past the Poker faces so you can make fast decisions you will be proud of.

“I am an attorney practicing for over thirty years. I participated in this course by Johanna Derbolowsky early on in my career. It was fun and continues to provide valuable insights into how to evaluate people and gain information into their thinking processes. I recommend this course.” -Steve Finnen

  • Instantly read the people in the room
  • Discover your intuition
  • Learn to trust your inner knowing
  • Know the difference between mind chatter and intuition
  • Save time and money

Whether you walk into a courtroom, meeting, or are looking to hire the right person, How To Be Your Own Best Psychic is a powerful and fun workshop that will leave you with tools you can immediately use in your business and personal life. Your psychic abilities will save time and money as well as anticipate and avert disaster.

You will learn how to distinguish between the voices of ego and fear and the voice of your intuition. Short exercises allow everyone in the audience to participate and discover their own psychic abilities.

The How To Be Your Own Best Psychic program is offered as:

1/2 day event

2 hour event

Lunch And Learn series.

Other available topics include:

The Five W’s Of Healing

Shift and Transform In The Quantum Heart Field

Past Life Regression for a better Future