Empower yourself. Create your own path in life.

Johanna Derbolowsky: International speaker and best-selling author of The Transformation Promise

“I always seem to have bad things happen to me…” Unhappy with your job, your relationships, your health, your income? If ‘fast and easy’ self help solutions are not working for you, commit to change through understanding. Transform your life…the real way!

Best-selling author, Johanna Derbolowsky, can help your audience and listeners when they are feeling stuck or at a crossroads.

She says: “It’s not that difficult to create the life of your dreams.” Whether you’re grappling with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, The Transformation Promise will give you the tools to heal and grow.

Johanna has been featured on various radio shows, podcasts, magazine articles and television shows.  She conducts workshops and trainings in the USA and Germany.


  • Reduce your pain levels significantly – using your own mind.
  • Overwhelmed? Shift from anxiety to calm instantly.
  • Confused about your marriage or job? Gain clarity.
  • Tried it all – the Law of Attraction and other self-help, get rich methods and still stuck in the same place? Discover your own path and walk it effortlessly.

Johanna’s presentations  can help your audience to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual barriers so they can become unstuck and move forward.

In her book she shares insights, examples and simple exercises to overcome the fear of change and gain the understanding needed to heal and transform.  Though her powerful message, Johanna can guide your audience to a place where they can solve past issues and learn how to heal from the damaging situations that they have encountered in the past.


The target audience is: teens and adults who find themselves at a crossroad in life, having trouble making decisions about relationships, careers, etc. Johanna particularly appeals to readers of self-help, healing and mind-body-spirit books.


Johanna Derbolowsky is a Best-selling author, and has worked for more than 25 years as a teacher and healing coach on the forefront of healing and transformation. She has a private practice helping clients all over the world, and also conducts seminars in the US and Europe. She is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministries, spiritual counselor, hypnotherapy and Matrix Energetics practitioner, Reiki Master and life coach.

Her debut book, The Transformation Promise, a book about love, healing and the flow of life, has attained the #1 position on Amazon in the categories of Mind, Body Spirit; Women’s Spirituality and Energy Healing. It also reached the Top 50 Best Seller List in four further categories, overtaking books by prominent authors such as Elizabeth Gilbert’s, “Eat, Pray Love” and Esther Hicks’ “Ask & It Is Given”. Johanna has two children and lives in Santa Barbara.


The Transformation Promise: A Book About Love, Healing And The Flow Of Life Price: $14.75

Johanna Derbolowsky’s debut book, The Transformation Promise, empowers readers to actively change their lives. It offers insights and next steps on the road of life. Written in an easy-to-understand style, this wisdom can be used by beginners and veterans on the path of self-awareness!

28 Days To Love. Joy and Prosperity: A Workbook: List Price: $ 9.75

Use this workbook to clear your mind, see the significant issues that face you and move confidently toward your goals.The program consists of 28 days of exercises to help you significantly improve your life experience. Learn to streamline your thoughts and focus on your goals. The exercises are easy to do and produce great results.


The Mantz and Mitchell Show on Alternative Talk 1150 AM, KKNW, Seattle,
The George WilderJr. Show
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Barb Adams Live WVNJ 1160 AM – New York City
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The World Stage, Los Angeles, CA: Reading and book signing
Sacred Stone Gallery, Redondo Beach CA: Reading and book signing
The Path, Redondo Beach CA: Reading and book signing
Santa Anita Church, Arcadia Beach CA: Reading and book signing
Westside Unity Church, Culver City CA: Reading and book signing
Hamburg, Germany: Reading and book signing
Seattle, Metaphysical Library: Reading and book signing


Johanna Derbolowsky, a healing coach on the forefront of healing and transformation practice has released an amazing new book for anyone who feels that there is something missing in their life. This book will show you how to heal physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues and take the next step towards transforming your life. Anyone grappling with how to get unstuck can read The Transformation Promise.

Transformation is part of life. Johanna Derbolowsky will show you how to manage this change to create a better life.

Johanna offers exercises to help you resolve past issues and guide you to connect consciously with life-force energy and a continuously increasing love within. You will learn how to use forgiveness and gratitude daily to heal and transform everything you encounter or have encountered in the past.