2 03, 2019

How to be your own best psychic


In this interactive workshop, Johanna Derbolowsky will take you through the Quantum Heart Field Experience to the most sacred part within yourself where you can find your own answers to pressing life questions and challenges, and at the same time experience healing shifts. Johanna will teach you how to distinguish between the voices of ego and

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24 10, 2018

Use Your Challenges To Improve Your Life


Learn easy to use tools to transform challenges into opportunities for growth. Release stuck energies and burdens. Get to know yourself better and raise your self-awareness. Understand the levels, challenges, and symptoms of personal evolution and ascension. After this workshop you will find that your energy increased, you will feel lighter, less burdened and equipped

Use Your Challenges To Improve Your Life2018-09-07T11:53:31-07:00
6 10, 2018

Healing, Vibration & Sound Retreat


Treat yourself to a gift of healing and transformation. Learn tools to transform issues and situations in your life. Ground and raise your self-awareness through rhythm. Release stuck energies and burdens. Understand the levels, symptoms and challenges of existence. During this unique retreat you get to experience two different approaches to healing. With Johanna you

Healing, Vibration & Sound Retreat2018-09-02T17:26:13-07:00
9 05, 2018

Conscious Conversations Radio Show


Each week hosts Joan Newcomb and Janet Barrett delve into a different topic from the perspective as Consciousness. Experience the Conscious Conversation within Heart Centered Awareness. Feel the warmth and humor, as they explore the challenges of daily living. Enjoy this state of grace and discover how it can make a difference in your life! Listen

Conscious Conversations Radio Show2018-05-03T06:29:13-07:00
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